Working in partnership with the Department for Education, Bath Spa University and the Sigma Teaching School Alliance

Welcome to the new website for Southwest TSST. As of September this year TSST has been subdivided into regions with Poole Grammar School leading the way for the Southwest of England.

Here at Poole our rationale is very much the same as before – namely retraining non-specialists to become teachers of Secondary Maths, Core Maths, Physics or MFL. What is different, and exciting, is joining forces with other Local Lead schools in the region so that a coherent plan can be established across all local areas for the foreseeable future, with Poole providing strategic oversight of the programme.

We will work closely with all our Local Lead schools and partners to maximise high quality provision uniformly across the region. For example, at present there are large gaps (especially in Cornwall) where no TSSTs are operating, whereas we’re also very aware that there are overlaps in provision. Therefore our Local teams are working collaboratively to ensure the highest quality provision and flexibility in delivery to meet our participants’ needs.

We will also be developing our pedagogy and programme design over the next two years. We will encourage neighbouring TSST providers to share best practice which could include joint workshop days during holidays or twilights which are flexible enough to adapt to the requirements of our trainees. We’re also going to trial online training using webinars and recorded tutorials.

It’s an exciting yet challenging time ahead for us. We’re very well aware of the extent of the teacher recruitment and retention crisis but I am confident that if we remain innovative and collaborative in our approach and adapt to change accordingly then we will help to ensure that all students have access to well-qualified inspiring teachers.

Andy Oldman