Working in partnership with the Department for Education, Bath Spa University and the Sigma Teaching School Alliance

One of the most interesting approaches to pedagogy in recent times has been the introduction to the practices of lesson study and Mastery in Maths.

Lesson study involves the collaboration of 2/3 teachers to plan a lesson or topic together. This method has been used in the Far East for many years now and it focuses on how students learn rather than specifically the teaching. There are variations in how the lesson can delivered and be observed (and by whom) but essentially a study of how three (high/medium/low ability) students progress during the lesson is evaluated and used to inform future planning.

The concept of Mastery is certainly playing a major role in Primary Maths and has been backed by the Government to the tune of £41 million in the coming years. In a nutshell the idea involves all students embedding their knowledge of a key concept in different contexts before moving on (think depth and not speed). The focus appears to be shifting slightly now though to the transition from Key Stage 2 to 3. Certainly Poole TSST are very aware of the need to be training new recruits to Maths teaching in the pedagogy of Mastery and are actively encouraging participants to get involved in the excellent local programme of Mastery sessions delivered by Sigma Teaching School Alliance from January.