Working in partnership with the Department for Education, Bath Spa University and the Sigma Teaching School Alliance

The long-awaited Sir Adrian Smith Review is finally in the public domain together with the response from the DfE. The review is exhaustive (89 pages) and concentrates on Maths provision from 16-18. It is pleasing to see Core Maths at the heart of the review amongst other recommendations. We hope that the soon to be developed Level 3 Maths Support Programme (L3MSP) will advance the uptake in Core Maths especially, alongside more traditional post-16 routes such as Maths and Further Maths at A Level.

Here in Poole we are piloting a Core Maths TSST programme, led by Dr Jo Denton. I’m sure Jo will do a terrific job at training non-specialists in Core Maths. Sir Adrian frequently promoted the cause for Core Maths in his report, especially for those students who wished to pursue Maths beyond 16. It is essential for a successful economy that we train sufficient numbers of teachers in order to have the capacity to deliver the ambition of 100% of students taking Maths in some form in a decade’s time.

Additionally, Poole TSST will be embarking on its first year of delivering Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) in 2018. The course will be delivered in association with Wessex Schools Training Partnership (WSTP), Sigma Teaching School Alliance, Bath Spa University and two Poole schools: Poole Grammar School and Poole High School. This is an exciting time for us as we look to provide potential participants bespoke, localised training which also taps into our TSST pedagogy workshops in both Maths and Core Maths. The idea of growing our own teachers has been an ambition for a while now as we look to increase our capacity of Maths teachers in the local area. Poole SKE participants will need a firm offer of initial teacher training from the WSTP before embarking on the course.

Exciting times ahead!

Andy Oldman